A Bear Decides to Walk Over and Then Sit Down by a Man. No One Expected to See What Happens Next!

Grizzly Bear

If it can be avoided, it's best to stay away from a bear, especially a grizzly bear. When encountering one in the wild it's likely the bear will be afraid unless they think there's food or they are protecting their cubs. In those instances, a bear can be threatening.

When coming across a bear it's hard to know how to act. We best not run but give them as much space as possible. Slowly backing away is important, but if a bear looks like they're going to attack it's best to act like you're dead while covering your head. Black bears are less likely to cause a person harm but that's not always the case with a grizzly.

Like we said, back away slowly, appear large, and get out of their territory ASAP. Bear spray always helps and if you're in bear territory it's best to take it.

Another tip is to try speaking calmly while backing away but pray he doesn't attack – sorry to say but you probably won't stand a chance!

On the video on the next page check out a guy who is just hanging out by a stream when all of a sudden a bear decides to join him. No, we're not joking. What happens during this encounter is incredible!

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