7 Survival Tips We Can Take Away From the Cowboys Who Lived During the 1800’s

cowboy and horse

If you really think about it, cowboys and the people who moved west, were the ultimate survivalists during the nineteenth and early twentieth centuries.

Pretty much everything they had, everything they used to survive out on the prairie, was made either by themselves or in some specialty store they visited while stopping off in a local town. And, more often than not, those visits were weeks or months in between!

Think about the people who moved west looking for a new life. They had to be hardy men and women to travel so long, taking care of themselves and their children, with little resources and scarce food availability. In other words, these people were survivors.

After the break, check out some of these wonderful pieces of wisdom from bygone years.

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  1. Paul Wolf said:

    My grandmother was born in Washington State in 1895, and my Grandfather was born in 1888. They homesteaded in Montana in the early twentieth century. He used to talk about it all the time. I wish I had taped his stories. Now only memories…