5 Things About the Las Vegas Shooting That Make No Sense

las vegas shooting

The news of the horrific tragedy that took place in Vegas is heartbreaking. Even more disturbing is the evidence that has emerged that not everything may not be what it seems.

The tragic shooting in Los Vegas has claimed over 59 lives and injured another 515 people is cause for alarm. Not only were families affected by this horrific act of violence but the evidence is showing that not everything may be as it seems.

It raises questions as to whether anyone could have done something to prepare or even prevent an event like this. Sometimes it's impossible to prevent a tragedy, but as preppers, we do all we can to prepare.

After reading about the details that do not add up we may need to ask ourselves how we can be better prepared for survival situations in the future.

After the break read about 5 details surrounding this story that does not seem to add up and learn how we can better prepare for a disaster in the future.

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  1. Pat Ojard said:

    Trust me…..in a world that these events take place with unsettlingling familiarity……this one takes the cake. One huge lie.

  2. Rad Max said:

    Every day some idiot tons a gas station etc and the CCTV film is all over the news
    Still not one video of supposed shooter at Mandalay bay… Over 700 cameras he would have been seen on… But Nada