5 Things About the Las Vegas Shooting That Don’t Make Any Sense

las vegas shooting

The horrific tragedy that took place in Las Vegas more than a month ago is truly devastating. And now with the recent tragedy at a church in Sutherland Springs, Texas, we are left wondering why all of this senseless violence is taking place. Whereas the shooter in Texas left bread crumbs explaining his actions, the evidence that has emerged in regards to the Las Vegas shooting does not seem to add up.

As we know the heartbreaking shooting in Las Vegas claimed 59 lives and injured 515 people. Families were affected by this senseless act of violence as was everyone else who rushed to the scene. And now evidence that has been presented to us so far still is not making sense.

This shooting raises questions as to whether we could have done anything else to prepare or prevent such a horrific event. Sometimes it's impossible to stop a tragedy like this, but as peppers we can always be alert and ready.

After learning more about the investigation and what we know so far we need to ask ourselves how we can better prepare ourselves for survival situations like this, if they should happen, in the future.

Learn about 5 details about this event that don't add up and how we can be prepared in the future on the next page.

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