5 Primitive Shelters That’ll Keep Us Safe from the Elements When the Crunch is Here

primitive shelters

It can be challenging to know how to proceed when a person is in need of a shelter. Being able to build the proper shelters depends on the building materials, current conditions and the tools we have at our disposal.

It's important to consider whether it's safe to go out in search of materials prior to building a shelter but we also need to consider the weather and climate. We need to ask ourselves if a mud hut will protect us against the rain or whether it's worth it to look for grass to thatch a room when stuck in the snow. Perhaps we don't even have the correct tools to being with.

As we'll find out more later in the article, these are all vital questions to ask yourself when making a shelter. Most of the time it will be about improvising and having in the back of your mind which shelter will be the easiest to make depending on the situation.

One of the best tools to carry is knowing your options. Know a variety of different shelters and which ones are most practical given your surroundings. Check out the next page for some examples of primitive shelters.

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