5 Features to Add to a Doomsday Bunker to Increase Those Chances of Surviving

doomsday bunker

A lot of people believe they're prepared for the upcoming collapse. They have first aid kits, snacks, water, flashlights, and maybe even a bug out bag. Sure, these supplies can be useful during an emergency, but chances are they won't be the main factor when it comes to surviving.

There are several different instances where a person's survival preparation will get tested. Examples are riots, power outages, fires, martial law, or an earthquake. During these survival situations, a flashlight and water aren't going to cut it. It may help you for a while, but these are not going to ensure your survival.

On the next page check out some tips in regards to a bunker that may mean the difference between living and dying. The five features that get covered discuss everything a person may encounter in the case of a serious survival situation.

Find out which features can enhance your chances of survival after the break.

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  1. Ron Willingham said:

    Hint – my objective after the SHIF is to locate the shelters, once I do locate all the air access. Take something- a telephone pole would work pretty well for the door here in the picture, set it on blocks so the door can open. Weight it down so it can’t be moved. Prepare a metal rod to push into the gap between door and frame.

    Build a fire at each air access and knock on the door- “I want half, or I keep the fires going.”

    Jam the bar into the door when it comes open and accept everything I can get. Keep the fires burning. A couple days after I think everyone is dead, move the telephone pole and go in, take what they did not give me, and get the hell out of there. SHelters are death traps.