4 Type of Preppers We Must Avoid During a Survival Situation

angry and upset man

When it's time to bug out or go on wilderness adventures we like to take along our trusted friends and confidants. These are the people who understand us and have our backs, especially if a disaster were to take place.

When a collapse happens we may not be able to trust everyone but we will have a close-knit circle of friends, family, and hopefully a few other people we can count on. Most of these people are most likely like-minded and have also done survival training and understand the world of prepping.

However, even though we have a close-knit group of people we can rely on, there will still be people we have to keep our eyes on, especially during a disaster. There will be some survival enthusiasts out there who may seem good at first but in fact, can not be trusted. When the world is ending people get desperate, and we must rely on those we can truly call our friends.

After the break learn about four different types of preppers we should do everything to avoid during a survival situation. Not all people are bad, but there are some we are better off just sticking clear of.

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