12 Survival “Errors” That in Reality Aren’t Errors at All

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Preparing for the apocalypse is never easy. What makes it all the more challenging is the fact that every prepper we talk to gives us different advice on how to best prepare, what mistakes are being made, and why we'll most likely not even make it the second we step out in the world during a disaster.

In general, though, there are some ideas that most people hold true to, even if they tend to get misguided.

Most people will not have to make use of their supplies and preps even though they have stocked up a ton. Also, keep in mind that even for those of us who are prepared it's still likely we'll make errors.

Whether the mistakes are avoidable is sometimes up to fate, but for some well-known “errors” they're really not mistakes at all. In fact, check out the examples on the next page to see what we mean.

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