The SHTF. Here’s Who Should be Avoided and Why!


The vast majority of advice online for a survivalist is geared towards telling them “what to” or “how to.”

What to buy, what to learn, what to wear, how to build, how to mend, how to repair, are all example of this type of advice.

Rare is the advice telling you what you should not do.

This includes do not eat that, do not go there, do not drink that – and it is equally as important as any of the stuff that offered that survivalists should learn, pursue or do.

The advice in this category includes what you should not eat or drink, what areas you should avoid, what you should not wear in the aftermath of a survival incident and perhaps most importantly, what gear you should not buy, etc.

Also in that group are the types of people or groups you should avoid and the video on the next page covers that extensively.

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