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(Video) The 10 Best Survival Foods a Person Can Pick Up at a Local Supermarket Are Astounding

(Video) The 10 Best Survival Foods a Person Can Pick Up at a Local Supermarket Are Astounding

During our months of survival writing and learning how to seriously prep for a SHTF scenario it has been interesting reading and talking to individuals who are to prep for a SHTF scenario seriously. We love looking at their pantries, getting ideas, seeing the different foods that can be stored. Still, there are times when

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How to Make it Without Depending on the Grocery Store

Of all the incredible advantages modern society has brought us, arguably the most under-appreciated and almost overused is the grocery store. With relatively little effort and at an amazingly affordable cost, you can quickly have access to cooked, pre-cooked, ready to cook meals, salads, and raw ingredients so you can make it on your own.


The 6 Best Kept Secrets to Smoking Meat

Smoking meat is one great way of prolonging your store-bought fare as well as preserving meat you may catch or kill in a survival situation. If you are in a survival situation, you cannot be too picky in regards to tools, the smoker, fuel, fire or even the meat you want to smoke. While general

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How to Construct a Hobo Stove From a Tin Can

Unless your entire food supply is precooked and packaged or you eat it raw, chances are very good in any survival situation you will need to cook a meal. This reality is not only because eating some foods raw is unhealthy, but because there is nothing better in terms of morale-building than eating a hot,

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How to Make Civil War Fire Cakes for SHTF

If you had very limited supplies, would you be able to survive? A good follow-up question to that would be what constitutes “limited supplies?” Today that could mean a few weeks worth of prepared food (freeze dried) and enough water for a gallon a day per person. Back in the time of the Civil War,

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4 Survival Recipes Everyone Should Know by Heart

Every prepper should have these great recipes memorized because they might be needed during SHTF! If you have been a prepper for a long time, then there are some things you just know. For example, you know how much water you need for yourself and those in your family or group. You know several different