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When Coming Across a Mountain Lion in the Wild, This is What a Person Should Never Do…

When Coming Across a Mountain Lion in the Wild, This is What a Person Should Never Do…

Mountain lions are one one of the most feared predators in the United States, and while a lot of this fear results from a misunderstanding of this creature, they are still dangerous enough to garner a lot of respect from everyone. Luckily the chance of encountering a cougar while spending time out in the wild


4 Kick Butt Weapons That Could be Life-Saving When SHTF

The truth is we have no idea how long a SHTF situation will last. It could be weeks, months, years, or even a decade could go by before things improve. Some call it Doomsday because the possibility of making things the way they were after the grid goes down will be unlikely. All we know


14 Survival Items to Stock Up on From the Goodwill

Believe it or not, but the Goodwill is an excellent store to find survival items that many survivalists seek. After all, most of us give away belongings we no longer want to this store as opposed to buying from them. However, while you’re busy giving away things you could actually be finding much survival related

How to Easily Make an Unlimited Supply of Gel Fuel

For many people, a prolonged loss of power means that eventually, the generator will go silent. When the power goes out everything from refrigeration to heat will be challenging. There are several options including storing gasoline or kerosene or utilizing a fireplace or wood stove, but still, these things have limitations. Kerosene and gasoline pose


5 Things to NEVER Stockpile for SHTF

Most crisis preparation classes and conversations cover what’s important to stockpile for a SHTF moment. In regards to sports and politics, regarding survival stockpiling, mostly everyone has an opinion as to what’s most important and while most people agree on the basics, each person’s opinion comes with preferences. However, very few discussions cover what a

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7 Things to Never, Ever Eat in the Wild

When a person is hungry they don’t always think clearly. However, if a person is starving then they may become more desperate. This is especially the case when a person is starving out in the wilderness and they are unsure where they are going to find their new food source. To a person who is