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(Video) This Survivalist’s Log Shelter is Awe-Inspiring. I Still Can’t Believe How it Turns Out!

(Video) This Survivalist’s Log Shelter is Awe-Inspiring. I Still Can’t Believe How it Turns Out!

It is likely that when a serious SHTF situation takes place a person will need to leave their home and build a shelter somewhere else. In fact, it’ll be in a person’s best interest to build a shelter that’s strong and that will provide a lot of protection. A shelter that’s safe will allow you


(Video) The 10 Dumbest Ways to Die That Must be Avoided

Death is a highly emotional experience and even some cases can be tragic. It’s harder for the survivors than those who are deceased. After all, when you’re gone, hopefully, all of your troubles should be over. So it’s vital not to put your family through the possibility of losing you over something stupid. It’s more


7 Things a Person Can Scavenge From a Car When Doomsday Takes Place

Post-collapse, one reality is there will be plenty of abandoned vehicles due to the severity of the aftermath. An abandoned car can provide a lot of survival tools, materials, and supplies that anyone can utilize after SHTF. However, before anyone takes advantage of a vehicle that’s no longer in use, it’s important to make sure

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4 Rifles to Add to an Arsenal for Cheap Ammo

Every couple of years or so, there is a huge explosion of activity in gun stores across the country. Fears amid the political landscape often fuel these things, as millions of citizens clear off the shelves of ammunition, scared of what might be coming. This constant fear leads to a sharp rise in prices as

what to wear during a collapse

(Video) What a Person NEVER be Caught Wearing Post-Collapse.

Imagine you’re sitting down while watching an eppy of What Not to Wear that’s focused on survival. The person being judged is not passing the test because he made one of the worst wardrobe blunders ever and you’ll never believe what he’s wearing. If you were a survivalist on the show would you pass? When